New Year, New Name

January 18, 2021

I am two weeks into my sabbatical. As I read and work on my project, I know that there will be times when I will benefit from sharing my emerging ideas with others. I started this blog as a way to process my thinking from my involvement with the Cluster Pedagogy Learning Community (CPLC). My focus for my sabbatical, pedagogy and play, connects to this work. So, I plan to continue to use this space to share my ideas even though I am no longer an active member of the CPLC.

I renamed my blog to help articulate this new focus. I decided on the name Pedagogy, Play, & Practice. My hope is that these words capture my current focus and how I plan to use this space. I will continue to write about my pedagogy and the questions I have about my practice, as I work on my never ending-quest to improve my teaching. The shift will be in sharing how these ideas connect to my thinking about play. Play is at the heart of much of my work as an early childhood educator and with my sabbatical I have the opportunity to expand my thinking about play.

Before I share specifics about my learning, I thought I would share an overview of what I plan to do this semester. In my proposal for my sabbatical, I articulated three major goals for my work.

  • I will spend time learning and researching more about play within early childhood and other contexts. This learning will help to inform potential changes to Play and Learning in Early Childhood (ER 2155) as well as provide a foundation of knowledge for my work in expanding a thematic pathway and developing a capstone course in General Education (INCAP) focused on play.
  • I will develop a plan for expanding a potential thematic pathway that could include ER 2155 and Creating Games (CMDI 1105). This plan will include current courses that align to this pathway or potential new courses that could be developed as well as possible ways to engage students across the courses.
  • If my research indicates that an INCAP focused on advocating for play aligns with the goals for this capstone experience, then I will develop an outline for this course. My intent would be to learn about the approval process from the General Education Committee in Fall 2021 and be ready to submit the necessary proposal by the end of the semester.

I am very excited about this work and already have many ideas to share in future posts. I look forward to continuing my reflective process by writing about my ideas as I learn during my sabbatical and beyond.